About me.

My name is Dirkjan de Wit. I am a music junkie. A sound lover. A gear nerd. A narrator. And dinosaurs kick ass.

Me, any moment in time between ’83 and the present.

Our house was always filled with music when I grew up. With my father being a founding member of the band Dr. Pop in the early eighties and my mother being a music teacher, it was always a fundamental aspect of my everyday life.

As a result, passion and love for music had always been flowing through my vains, which over the years mainly resulted in me becoming a genuine music snob and an overly fanatic player of many types of instruments. It would take some years for me to discover the production aspect of music though. From 2006 onwards however, I have been able to progressively develop and enlarge my skillset and my focus on music production, ultimately resulting in me running my own production studio today, fully focused on music, sound design and voice acting.

I am a self-tought multi instrumentalist, with a huge interest in arranging and composing. My instrument playing abilities range from guitar (both acoustic/electric), bass guitar, keys and synthesizers to playing drums and percussion. Or more exotic sounding instruments such as a didgeridoo or a Saz Baglama. I am always looking to create interesting sounds, vibes or atmospheres.

Over the years I have obtained allround skills as a music producer. I have been involved in many music projects, ranging from hardrock/heavy metal to electronic styles to indie and psychedelic rock or pop. This has helped me to develop myself enormously in composing, arranging, producing, playing and mixing and I am open for projects in any of these fields of expertise. Over the years I have developed my own signature sounds and personal preferences in genres, but I enjoy bending musical styles or stepping into different scenes just as much.

For me the most important aspect of music, is that a composition should be able to tap into your emotions. Be it hard or gently, fast or slowly. It should take you somewhere. A place, an event, or a feeling somewhere in time. Whether you’ve experienced it before, or just imaginary. As soon as you close your eyes and leave it to your ears and your imagination, you’re there. Fully emerged in a world that is shaped by the music you hear. You may or may not have visited it, or you may or may not have seen it before, but you’re there because you hear it. You’re on a journey because you’re listening to it.

Since I have a marketing background too (ranging from an MSc in Business Administration up to being a founding entrepreneur of a successful e-commerce company), I also gained a lot of experience in how to connect to audiences in a more commercially oriented sense. I understand the part music plays in this greater whole. This allows me to provide my best effort in creating a soundtrack for commercial projects that are part of a specific or holistic brand/marketing strategy for example.

That being said, my purest love is sound and music. For me, it’s all about creating that, beautifully. Whether it is accompanying film or a commercial, or is intended as a single, EP or album production.

Recently, I have developed my skills as a voice actor or voice-over as well. I have always had a big interest in narratives, communicating verbally and language in general. Putting the right emotional weight in sentences and making each word count is a finesse I love to master. My marketing background combined with my skills in audio production is also of great use in this field of expertise. And I am happy to assist in copywriting too when desired. It is all about communicating a message. In a broader sense, or explicitly. It is about getting yourself heard.

I am currently living my childhood dream. I can make music in any way I want to, based on client inquiries or as a result of my own creative process. I am open to inquiries of any kind and I am easy to get into contact with. Hit me up through my contact page and we’ll get in touch.

Back in 2015, I featured in a small documentary series commissioned by Warsteiner for their #doitright campaign. Soundtrack by Orange Outlaw and me.